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  • 20 May 2013
    Car Wash
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    Thanks for the great review Richard.

    4/13/2013 At the end of the day, I would prefer going to Militos Mobil over any other gas station in the area. As a young Depaul student at one point, I would always buy cigarettes from some of the most welcoming peoples. Now, as a professional, I’d still stop by any day just to puff a good o’ one with the boys! They have a really quick car washing system, which is perfect for all seasons. Great customer service, some of their attendants will even splash a joke with you here and there. Very personable workers, in fact, they remembered my name the second time I came in! Unlike most gas-stations/ car-washes/auto-shops, the workers there are not your average robotic salesmen. Great Coffee too! Sure, the gas and auto repairs are a couple cents more expensive, but I think that’s because the area around which Militos Mobil is located have the kind of people like us who can afford such personable customer service! Not to mention that they can get the job done when it comes to fixing a car–their oil works! It is a pride and joy to be able to use their restrooms, which believe it or not, is even open to the public (be it for us upper class Lincoln Parkers, to even the homeless peasants that roam the streets). In a sense, Militos Mobil is a communal business wherein everybody that stops by in a way . . . wins!


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